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Heartbreak to Hope:

Poems of Support for Grief and Loss

"Kara Bowman understands the inner experience of grieving. If you are looking for a book of poetry that captures the heart of what the journey of mourning is about, this is it. It will mirror back to you the experiences you are having, and it will also help you to teach others what you are going through. If you are deep in mourning, you will see yourself recognized by this powerful book of poetry about the experience of loss. As Shakespeare once said in Macbeth “Give sorrow words; the grief that does not speak knits up the o-er wrought heart and bids it break” In Heartbreak to Hope, Kara Bowman has, indeed, given sorrow words."


John R. Jordan, Ph.D., Grief Researcher, Therapist and Author, Devastating Losses

Heartbreak to Hope can be ordered from any bookstore.

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Heartbreak to Hope draws on Kara's years of experience as a grief therapist to present 125 original poetic vignettes that capture the many facets of grief. Readers will recognize themselves, have words for things they previously couldn't express, and feel less alone by knowing others have felt the same way.

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