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Image by Kalen Emsley

Areas of Specialty


Having been touched by grief in my own life, I began working as a bereavement counselor at Hospice of Santa Cruz County in 2012 to support others who were grieving. I found this work deeply satisfying, obtained two professional certifications, and continue to work with grieving people both in private practice and as a volunteer at Hospice.

Traumatic Incidents

A traumatic incident is processed by our brains and bodies differently from other experiences. I have a great deal of empathy for people who have experienced trauma, and I am passionate about helping them calm their autonomic nervous systems in order to live more peacefully and choicefully. I have training and experience in treating the results of trauma, including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Developmental Trauma

I believe that the everyday small experiences we had as a child continue to shape our thoughts and reactions as adults. If we did not have our needs met adequately as a child, we most likely developed coping strategies that served us well then but may no longer serve us as adults. I am fascinated by the somatic, cognitive, emotional and neurological impacts of childhood experiences and support my clients in processing and healing their developmental traumas.

Nonviolent Communication

I learned of  Nonviolent Communication in 2005 and I immediately connected with it. NVC teaches that all people are acting from their values and we can compassionately relate to others by learning to listen and speak with consciousness. I became a Certified Trainer because I love the "aha" people have when learning how to better understand themselves and others.

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