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My Approach


My philosophy is that we each know deep-down what is best for ourselves but sometimes need help discovering what that is. As a student of neurobiology and mental health, I stay abreast of current research and enjoy applying the latest knowledge to healing suggestions designed for individual clients. I avidly read research and combine my love of knowledge with a deep respect for feelings and somatic experience.


I do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach and tailor my suggestions to what might be comfortable and helpful for my client at each specific point in their journey. In my work, I ...

  • provide an empathetic environment,

  • help clients understand their situation and reactions,

  • help clients connect with their internal experience,

  • provide tailored information,

  • provide exercises to retrain brains and bodily reactions, and

  • provide a new interpersonal experience to retrain patterned childhood reactions that no longer serve clients well.


Since every individual is different, I encourage clients to be discerning about finding a therapist who is a good match for their personality and needs. If you and I team up, I will always work to discover what is most helpful and supportive for you. I have a gentle, non-confrontational, empowering approach.

Who I Work With

  • I work primarily with adults, individually and in groups.

  • I do not work with families or couples at this time but may bring in a family member to support a client temporarily.

  • I have experience working with all ages, including children, seniors and young adults. I do not currently work with children but I can help with parenting issues.

  • All gender identities and sexualities are welcome. I have experience working with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people.

  • I welcome all races, religions and ethnicities.

Therapeutic Methods

Some therapeutic approaches I use are listed below. Click here to read a short description of each.

  • Attachment-based

  • Strength-based

  • Neurobiology

  • Cognitive

  • Nonviolent communication

  • Focusing

  • Somatic

  • Person-centered

  • Narrative

  • Mindfulness

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